M&A Top Alliance

M&A Top Alliance

M&A Top Alliance

M&A Top Alliance has been one of the leading service providers for buying and selling companies and shareholdings for many years.

Together with partners and successfully supervised clients, M&A Top Alliance is your number one address for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

With a special emphasis on the German-speaking parts of Europe, M&A Top Alliance has expanded to operate internationally.


M&A Top Alliance, Corporate Philosophy

We want to reassure our clients by providing profound, individual support and advice throughout the entire M&A process.

After thoroughly analysing the situation, we develop customized solutions in partnership with you. These solutions are meticulously adapted to your company’s corporate identity as well as to the distinctiveness of the assignment.

Long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust are the key to M&A Top Alliance’s sustainable success.


M&A Top Partner: the initiator of the M&A Top Alliance

M&A Top Alliance’s initiator is M&A Top Partner. M&A Top Alliance’s headquarters is located in Graz, the capital of Styria and Austria’s second biggest city. Graz is situated:

- 55 km north of Maribor (on the river Drava) in Slovenia

- 148 km south of Vienna

- 322 km west of Budapest

- 420 km northeast of Venice.

Central Styria, comprising Graz, its surroundings and the city of Voitsberg, has a population of 600 000 inhabitants. Graz and Styria are famous for innovative technology and engineering. One out of three high-tech innovations in Austria was developed there.